Thankful Tears…

Well, I usually post on Mondays but in all the “back to school” activities, time became scarce and my focus was on my daughter and helping her ready herself for school. Parenthood is a funny thing, it’s the most difficult yet rewarding job we have here on this earth. It does things to our emotions and tugs on the tiny hidden places of our hearts unlike anything else I know.

In our current season we are in an “in between” time. We are in the process of relocating. So basically we are here but planning to be there…kind of in a hallway of life, so to speak. It’s a great place to be, because it requires us to trust more, it’s building our faith more and it’s showing us more of the character of Christ and how He grows us in every season. I have to be honest, sometimes it’s hard but I LOVE where we are right now….on a FAITH journey.

Our entire family is excited about where we are but it’s not been easy. Our daughter who is 10 was SO excited when we told her about relocating but we stressed, it’s not on our timeline, it’s on God’s. While our son, who is 19, understands this…our daughter has had a little more difficulty adjusting to God’s timeline. She wanted to be relocated before school started but that did not happen so she had to start school at her old school. Yesterday, after many tears, lots of emotions and questions in the week prior, I watched her put her trust in the Lord at another level and walk into her school with great courage. There were no tears, there were no heated emotions, there was only acceptance and contentment. She did GREAT! I walked her in, helped her get settled and walked back to my car where I cried thankful tears. Thankful for God’s grace, that we promised her she’d have, thankful for the promise that God’s ways and timing are perfect, thankful that she is learning more about the God that loves her so deeply. Just SO VERY thankful!!

I was reminded yet again that our children don’t do what we say, they do what we do. They are watching us in every season of life, in every circumstance and in every conversation to see how we handle things. I was so proud of her and how she handled circumstances that she felt were unfair and not ones she would choose. She handled it with grace and confidence. I was also reminded that is exactly how God must feel when we overcome a struggle or choose to handle things with the abundant grace He offers..just proud! A level of love that is incomprehensible at times…that’s the love of our Father and that’s how we love our children.

Watching my son gain a Godly perspective on his life and plan for his future has been a great joy and watching our daughter put her hope in the God of all schedules and plans has been a blessing beyond words. We are not a perfect family but we serve a perfect God. Our children, even in seasons that are difficult, are such a gift from God. I love being a parent. I love watching my kids grow in the Lord. I love how they are learning to trust in a God who loves them through all seasons. God, thank you for allowing me to be a parent and may I never forget the huge blessing and responsibility that lies within that title.

Proverbs 22:6, “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

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