My Soul Will Praise You…

Yesterday was a great day of refreshing, relaxing and enjoying friends and family. I hope you enjoyed your holiday as well!! I spent most of the morning studying and mediating on God’s Word and I love listening to worship music while I do that, it just helps set the tone and prepares my heart for what it is God wants to speak to me. And boy did He have a lot to say yesterday. I love that though, I love that His Word never changes but meets me in every different situation of life that I experience. I love that His Word is true and trustworthy, I love that even when I doubt His Word and His promises remain. I love that God was and is and is to come.

One song I was listening to yesterday was ‘Closer Than You Know’ by Hillsong United. I absolutely love the heart of this song written from a father’s perspective to a child, from our Father’s view to us. One particular part of this song, towards the end, Taya Smith (who is amazingly talented) does a phenomenal job of ushering listeners into the presence of the Lord. These are the lyrics that rang over and over in my head long after the song was done:

“Lord I hear you I know you’re there, Closer now than my skin and bones could bare
Breathing deep within meYou are always with me
I can see You where eyes can’t standBrighter now than the sun could ever bare
Breathing all around meGod I know you’re with me here 
For I am Yours and You are mineAnd my soul knows where
You are here – You are here
And my soul will praise you – And my soul will praise your Name
Singing Holy is Your name
Jesus oh Jesus”

It’s so true and such a great reminder. No matter what our day holds, what situations we have to deal with, what delays or disappointments come our way, God is here, closer than we know. He is our breath when we feel breathless, our encouragement when we are discouraged, our help when we are hopeless, our anchor in the storm. He’s breathing all around us, hemming us in and laying His hand of favor upon us. Oh how my soul will praise Him, Holy IS His name!

After my studying I felt renewed, refreshed and content. Where God has me is right where I’m supposed to be in this season.  Where He has you is exactly where He needs you to be for what He is about to do. Every person plays a significant part of His divine plan, running ahead or lagging behind will compromise the plan He has. Stay in step, lean into His spirit…gently and humbly leading you to the next step, we are His children and He is our God, our Father. He loves us, He created us and He knows what is best for us. My trust rests in Him alone.

Today, take some time and listen to this song. Let it settle deep within your spirit. He is closer than you know. He is all around you…breathing out dreams and destiny for you and moving heaven and earth to position you to step into it. Don’t succumb to the doubt, discouragement or delays that life throws at you…stand firm in your faith. He is Holy and He will do what He said!

Well done once again Hillsong United…well done!


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