“Here Am I. Send Me”…

Hello!! Welcome to the new blog! You’ll notice I’ve altered the name and given it a facelit 🙂 You can still access it by using servantrhythm.com or erinlajones.com. I hope you enjoy the new blog and I want to say, “Thank you!” from the very bottom of my heart to each of you for reading this!! Your comments, support, emails and texts mean more than you’ll ever know!

As I near the year anniversary of beginning this blog, I realize that I am such a different person and in such a different place than I was a year ago. My trust in the Lord, His timing and His ways have increased greatly and my heart has been and continues to be cleansed and purified to become more like His. In that, boy is there pain and heartache, but there is also freedom and renewed passion and focus. What I’ve learned is that in every season there is a new level of surrender and obedience we must commit to in order to have the fullness of what God desires to do in us and through us drawn out.

Someone who knows all about surrender and obedience is Isaiah, the prophet. As I was studying Isaiah and his ministry, there were two sentences I read that hit me like a ton of bricks and I read them over and over and over again…

“The encounter with God permanently affected Isaiah’s character. He reflected the God he represented.” – Life Application Study Bible

Oh, to have that said of each of us…that our God encounter permanently changes us to reflect the God we represent. May our circumstances or situations never alter the reflection of the God we represent. May we always remain pure in thoughts, words and actions even when the storms of life come. May our character reflect that of Christ in good times and in bad, in seasons of prosperity and in seasons of lack. Isaiah allowed God to cleanse and purify him so that he could fully be used by Him.

Isaiah, once he had a vision of God and his holiness, understood his own uncleanliness and inadequacy before the Lord and submitted himself entirely to the Lord for a greater purpose. He knew that he could do nothing apart from God and his responsibility to save, even a few, would be well worth all that he had to walk through. He understood it would not be easy but it was his call…to be a messenger of God. In Isaiah 6:8 Isaiah says, “Here am I. Send Me!” He was now ready to be that messenger, purified to represent a pure and holy God.

God instantly forgives us but the purification of our life is a choice…to open those secret places up, not only to God, but to those we love so that we may be healed. I fully believe that God’s desire is to use us far beyond what we even think is possible to impact His kingdom. Sadly, we limit how much we can be used by our inability to surrender and obey when it becomes difficult or personal. My challenge to you today is to submit yourself entirely to the Lord and allow Him to purify you and direct your path.

May we all cry out, “Here Am I. Send Me!”


4 thoughts on ““Here Am I. Send Me”…

  1. Great reminder of what it means to work out our salvation and the great rewards that come in doing so! Thanks, Erin!


  2. Love this my friend!

    Blessings this Day, L. Michelle Logan “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.” Psalms 150:6



  3. I have prayed this for a while. I never really understood how hard it would be to leave EVERYTHING I know that is comfortable to follow Gods call and move to Fort Wayne. But God is already using me like crazy here and He will continue to!


    1. SO excited for you!! He is going to use you in ways you can’t yet even imagine! Praying for you!!!


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