For a recent work assignment I was tasked with the challenge of collecting images, graphics or quotes that visually represented transformation. I thought this would be an easy task that I could quickly check off my to-do list. However, as I began searching I struggled to find the image that fully depicted what transformation meant to me.

Transformation, while beautiful, isn’t always attractive. Pinterest was loaded with pins that came close. But they all seemed to lack the difficult, yet necessary, part of any lasting transformation. This is the part of transformation that happens in the quiet of our heart and spirit before a single change is made. It’s the wrestling with God, the resistance, the striving, the tears, the heartache and the pain before reluctantly submitting to the work that God so desperately needs to do within us. No matter what kind of transformation you are going through, it always begins within. Without a full submission to the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives our attempts to change become fruitless, frustrated efforts, at best.

Thankfully, we serve a God who is ready and willing to help us become the best version of ourselves we can be, for His glory. If we choose not to lean into what He allows in our lives to change and grow us, we will break by the weight of the storm. But like a tree in the wind, if we bend, even just a little, into what He is doing…our roots will be strengthened in Him and the fruit of our lives will be far greater than if we stiffened to His works.

A simple work assignment served as a reminder of God’s great transforming power and His faithfulness and unending grace in my transformation process. He is forever nudging me to go beyond where I’m comfortable…constantly filling the gaps that seem overwhelming and stretching me beyond where I would go on my own.

Today, I challenge you to think for a few moments on how God has walked with you through transforming times in your life. What did you learn? How did you grow? How would you describe that…could you put it into a picture or graphic? If so, would it be “Pin-Worthy”…lol? While the hard things aren’t always placed on a motivational poster to hang in your office, they leave a lasting impression on your heart that will not soon be forgotten! I am thankful, even in the difficult transformations, that His goodness has far outweighed any trial and I know and trust that will ALWAYS remain true!

Have a great week! XOXO

2 thoughts on “Transformation…

  1. Loved the Transformation post, but I would have loved to see the final picture you found for the assignment.


    1. Thanks! I had to submit several…couldn’t find just one😊


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