Most of the time when we hear the word release, it has a negative connotation, as if we lost something or someone forever. Over the past couple of days, God has dropped this word in my spirit for some reason. R E L E A SE -what are you trying to say to me God, what is it I’m holding onto? Show me…teach me…reveal it. My desire is to live in full surrender…opened handed…ready to receive. I didn’t think I was holding onto something in vain but why else would this word be stuck in my spirit?

Release, as shown in the definition, allows us to escape from confinement. When we hold onto things; our positions, relationships, egos, dreams (or our ideas of what they are or how they should transpire), our children, our spouse, pain, etc., we are confined by the emotions and feelings that each of these produce. And in most cases, if you’re holding onto something it’s because there is an unfinished detail, an impending resolve that has yet to be made. We reflect on our past and grip tightly to what was, hoping for a change or for the feeling of satisfaction or comfort that was once felt. Maybe we hang on for fear that was it…that was the “high” of our life and everything from here on out will be only average. Maybe we hang on in hope that it’s not an end…just a pit stop. Maybe we hang on so we don’t forget the pain or the lessons learned along the way. Maybe we hang on to fill a void in our emotions or to feed a desire that should only be filled by God himself. Whatever the case, we “white-knuckle” it as we physically try to move on. Moving on physically means nothing unless your heart, will and emotions are attached…if not, you’ll be stuck there forever.

As I’m walking through a season of release, it’s hard…it’s scary (TERRIFYING). I’m filled with self-doubt and at times overwhelming feelings of loneliness. But, what I DO know…He who promises IS faithful, I am NEVER alone and the enemy IS a liar. What was in the past was for my good and what God has for my future will be even better. Releasing isn’t negative it’s necessary…only in a place of current contentment can God’s will be done through us. Contentment means a state of happiness and satisfaction. Are you truly satisfied with where God has you in this season? If not, ask yourself why…maybe it’s a relationship that needs repairing, maybe it’s forgiveness that needs extending, or maybe it’s just sitting at the feet of your Father to allow Him to remind you who you are and His desires for you. Whatever it is, move towards it releasing those ideas, emotions and feelings that are holding you…or that you are holding, unaware of the confinement that holds you. Daily release, like breathing in and out…enjoying the moments, living in them passionately but moving about bound by nothing but God’s grace to carry you. He’s constantly moving and desires us to do the same…forward progress…stretching our faith…taking new ground and growing beyond our own limits by His power.

R E L E A S E…a breathing out….a long exhale, one that represents a struggle is over, a battle is done. It is finished…the grip loosens and freedom is inhaled, new dreams can be dreamt, new peace is found and your story continues. To God be the glory…

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord. And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:8-9 (NLT)

1 thought on “R E L E A S E

  1. This is beautiful Erin! It’s scary and hard to walk with hands wide open, trusting God with every next step…thank you so much for this sweet word of encouragement!


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