Ok, this post is just a sheer rant…different than anything I’ve written thus far but after having a rough day and diving into the Word I was about to burst. If this offends you, I apologize. If it encourages you, I am thrilled. If it causes you to dig in, I am thankful. Here goes…

The Word of God is an absolute necessity to surviving the days that this world brings and I believe that a large majority of believers are not utilizing it to its full potential including myself. I LOVE the Word of God, I love the power that is held in the pages of this beautiful book. When I dig in, and not just skim it, but I really dig into it…I am changed from the inside out! It is a force that jumps off the page directly into my heart, soul and spirit and empowers me at a level that I didn’t even know existed.

I want to read it ALL the time, I want to know it from beginning to end and be able to reference it without fail; not to impress anyone but so that I can fight the enemy and TKO his butt like lightening! (For those of you who don’t know – a TKO in boxing is when the referee stops a fight to declare a winner because the opponent can no longer defend themselves.)

I believe the Bible is every answer to every question you will ever have in your entire life. It is intriguing, inspirational, convicting, encouraging and so much more…for every reader thinking it is a boring history book…boy are you wrong! Without the knowledge it contains you are vulnerable, without doing what it says, you are in sin and without understanding the true character of Christ, you are confused. You can’t ride on another’s beliefs or anointing you MUST read it for yourself and let God speak directly to you and your situation.

I believe this is the case no matter if you are a brand new believer or if you have been a pastor for 50 years…you MUST own your fellowship with Christ through His word. It’s the only way you’ll know what He wants YOU to do! Devotions are great, books are a valuable resource and the internet is highly convenient but NOTHING replaces the Word of God…NOTHING!!!

I am convinced that the amount of time we spend in the Word is directly related to the level of influence and leadership we will be entrusted with. You can’t fight a battle for which you are not equipped and the only indestructible weapon is the wisdom that comes from the Father.

I am SO thankful for the gift of His word…a tangible source of His love, His power, His instruction and His character poured out on paper, at our fingertips. Oh my Lord, thank you for your Word. Forgive me when I don’t appreciate the power that lies within it.

Today, whatever you are facing, I pray you’ll make time to spend in His word! I pray you will get into the Word and let the Word get into you! He knows what you need and He will speak through His word…open it up and open your heart…and then WATCH OUT….it’s TKO time!!


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