Little Foxes

As the new year kicks into high gear this week, I was challenged as I reflected over the past year. Often times, it is the extreme highs or extreme lows that stick out most in our minds but in my study time this morning I was reminded that it’s the “little foxes” that ruin our vineyards. In this context the vineyards mentioned are referring to marriage but you could use this same analogy for any relationship or your own life habits.

“Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom. Song of Songs 2:15”

Before you write out your fitness goals, your new eating habits or your other goals for the new year, I want to challenge you to identify those “little foxes” in your life, marriage and other relationships.

What are those little tendencies you have or small issues that you skim over in life that, if left unattended, could ruin relationships, your marriage, your parenting and quite possibly even your destiny. I’ve done a lot of soul searching over the past few months. I’ve sought the Lord in many areas of my life and am trying to identify these “little foxes” of my own. We all have them, so better to identify them and work on getting rid of them instead of being prideful thinking we can handle it…it’s not that big of a deal, and then suddenly we find ourselves alone, hurt or disappointed at where we are ultimately because the little foxes in our life have united and become a huge beast to battle.

One thing to look for in identifying the “little foxes” in your life is the production of fruit in each area of your life. If that area is healthy, there will be fruit. If it’s not healthy there is likely a little fox stealing the fruit. Is your marriage healthy…is there clear communication…is there laughter…is there intimacy…is there a spark that ignites when you catch a glimse of your spouse? In your friendships, can you name three to five people that you consistently talk with, have coffee with, share with, laugh with or cry with? Jesus had twelve disciples but he had three that He was really close with. If Jesus needed three, how much more do you need them? In your finances, is there margin, is there a plan, is there a budget? You get the picture…if it’s healthy, there will be fruit…if not, it’s fox hunting season.

While large fitness, financial and lifestyles goals are important don’t neglect the little things in your life that seem off, lacking or unfruitful. These are the things that will build up and destroy relationships and hinder you from walking in the fullness that God has for you.

I pray 2016 brings you all of the joy, prosperity and promises that fill your heart. I pray God’s best for you and all of your family. I pray your destiny is defined at another level and every step you take in 2016 is graced and annointed by the Lord himself!


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