Open Hands…Open Heart

This last week I had the opportunity to attend one of Bethany Church’s revival nights where William McDowell led worship. It was one of those experiences where the spirit of God was almost tangible in the room. A few songs in he began to sing “Withholding Nothing” and immediately I was overcome with emotion.

The tears streamed down my face and my heart pounded as he sang the lyrics “I surrender all to you, everything I give to you, withholding nothing…withholding nothing…” The lyrics to the this song are simple yet SO powerful. Had I surrendered ALL to Him? Had I given Him EVERYTHING? Was I withholding? Had I surrendered my plans, my timeline, my ideas…had I given Him my pain, my disappointments, my victories? As I felt my heart open to His searching I felt my grip loosen on the things I had set in my mind, the things I was holding so tightly to and didn’t even realize it…my plans, my dreams, my pain and so much more.

Of all the things we hold onto in life, which ones are truly worth the white knuckle grip that we refuse to loosen. Are any of them worth it? I’m learning that I can plan, prepare and do my very best…but ultimately, God is in control of all things and He holds all things together. My only desire is to serve Him and to become more like Him. If I am diligent to pursue Him through prayer, studying of the Word and living out what He has created me to do to the best of my ability…He will take care of everything else. My plans pale in comparison to His plans for me. My efforts are nothing compared to a single touch from Him. Where His glory goes, I will follow and for the doors He both opens and closes, I will praise Him. Staying in step with His spirit is exactly where I want to be….never running ahead or lagging behind.

Open hands…surrendering everything, never grabbing or holding onto things that aren’t meant for me…allowing things to slip through, trusting that what God has intended will come, in His time. Open heart…soft and sensitive to His leading…surrendered in every way…moving forward, drawing from the past but not living there…keeping my eyes on Him…withholding nothing.

I felt spiritually exposed that night but it was such an amazing feeling. God already knows our deepest thoughts, struggles, desires and disappointments…why not surrender them to Him and allow Him to piece them together and make something beautiful out of them? He uses it ALL, nothing is ever wasted…no pain, no lesson, no season…NOTHING! God is waiting for our hands to open so that He can replace what we’re holding onto with something far greater. He is waiting for ours hearts to be softened…opened to His true power where He can move in and take over pushing that power through us as His vessels. I encourage you, loosen your grip on things you’ve been holding onto so that He can place His hand in yours leading you straight into your destiny.

Here is the song that was played that night…”Withholding Nothing.”

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  1. Such a good word! Love it and I love this song.

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