When I Get “There…”

I’ve been going through a study with a group of friends and we were all joking about “when I get there.” The reality is most of us think, talk or dream about getting “there”…wherever “there” is. It’s like we are all on a journey and there’s going a be a neon sign that says, “YOU’VE ARRIVED…YOU’RE THERE!” Maybe “there” for you is a promotion, a position, being married, having kids, gaining wealth, esteem or notoriety. We all have a “there” in our minds. The challenge God has been dealing with me on is what if I’m already there and I’m unaware? What if my “there” is here and now? What if the efforts I’m giving to the now is what God is waiting to use? What if I discount the now because it doesn’t feel significant to me but it’s highly significant to God?

The truth is, every day is a gift from God and how we spend it is our choice. Our now IS our “there.” No one is guaranteed tomorrow so why not give it all today? Why not live a life so on mission that you take full advantage of every opportunity that God puts before you? If there is a “there” that you’re working towards you have to go through the now to get there so why not make the most of it?

I guess what I’m trying to say with all the here, now, there mumble jumble is that today is worth the effort.  Our future is shaped from the decisions we make today. Sometimes we’ll knock it out of the park and sometimes it will be a bunt, but run hard nonetheless because it’s worth it. Whatever you’re doing and whatever season you’re in, it matters…it counts and it’s worth your effort.

I have friends who are in high level ministry positions, executives in major corporations, business owners, moms who work way harder than most people and don’t get a paycheck, missionaries and many others. We all have a common theme in our life…we are on a journey….each one personal and unique. What some of my friends go through, I’ll never have to. What I experience, some will not, but each journey matters just the same to God. Each one intricately designed by the creator himself to build up, draw out and impact His kingdom.

Whatever road you’re walking, let me encourage you to lean into His leading. Allow Him to draw out the path and trust Him in the process, even with the twists and turns 🙂 . While the road may seem strange and different, it is yours to walk so put your shoulders back, get a little pep in your step, give it your all and walk it well friend! XOXO – Erin

2 thoughts on “When I Get “There…”

  1. Sally Schlindwein March 19, 2018 — 7:56 pm

    I needed that today thanks Erin. You know I’ve had the big home, nice cars, great job and all I want is to be happy and healthy. I try everyday to do something nice for at least 1 person. All I want for my girls is happiness and health not wealth. I want for them to love the Lord like I do . It was so good to see you and your adorable daughter.

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    1. It was so good to see you too!! ❤️❤️❤️


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