What’s In A Name?

When I was studying a few days ago, I was reading a Psalm written by David when he was crying out to God and he used the phrase “for your name’s sake.” As that phrase just sat in my spirit I began to dig a little deeper into what that meant. I love studying out of my Life Application Study Bible and in that was this sentence, “A name is more than a label; it’s a representation of character and reputation. Therefore, ‘for your name’s sake’ means in accordance with your character.”  Hmmm…well now that is deep when you really think about it…in accordance with your character….

Do you remember considering names for your children or hearing a name and it instantly triggered flashbacks of an encounter with someone or a memory of someone? It’s true…there is power in a name. It leaves an impression and it DOES carry with it a reputation and a representation of character. What do people think of when they hear your name? I began to think of names that stood out to me…Andy…my husband, leader and best friend, Blake…our son who is gentle and humble in spirit, Madison…our princess, compassionate and nurturing and the list went on and on from family to friends to leaders who have impacted my life. And then I stopped to mediate on the name of Jesus Christ, the name above all names.

Jesus Christ, the one who saves, forgives, redeems, restores, delivers, loves and so much more. He is our everything! I am forever thankful I learned of this name. He always acts in accordance with his character. He is upright and just, righteous in every way. His name, Jesus, the greatest of all names. I remember a time when I heard the name Jesus but didn’t know Him. When you hear names but they have no personal connection, they really do not mean much. But, when you hear a name and there is a history, a personal encounter…there is power. I remember when Jesus was just a name, a Bible story and picture in my head from my Sunday school days. But now for me, it’s personal…I KNOW Him and He knows me…He has carried me when I’ve been too weak to walk, He has forgiven me when I didn’t deserve it, He has loved me at my worst and blessed me when I deserved nothing. He has provided for me, covered and protected me. He has healed me and made me whole. He has held my tears and heard my cries and yet He is always there. He never tires of me or loses patience with me…oh the power that is in His name.

My name is Erin and it means peace…I thought that was quite funny having thought back to all the storms in my life. But I don’t think names are by chance…even though our parents pick them, God ultimately designs us and knows us by name before we are ever called it. We are His…designed for His purpose and created in His image. Our desire should be to become more like Him every day and in every way. Today, take some time to reflect on the name Jesus, what it means to you and how your name is a reflection of who He is in your life.

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