Let Me Understand…

Psalm 119:27“Let me understand your precepts; then I will meditate on your wonders.”

A few weeks ago I was reading through Psalm 119 and this verse jumped off the page at me. Understanding should always precede meditation. What we meditate on will consume us, it will shape us and define us. If we are unclear about something and we meditate on it, then it will breed confusion; which is NOT from God. The enemy is the author of confusion and quite the opposite, God is a God of order and peace. Understanding puts a stop to unhealthy meditation. Understanding the character of Christ allows us to mediate on His goodness, His faithfulness, His love and all that He is and desires to be in our lives. That’s why His word is so important!! His word defines His character and brings clarity and understanding.

Just as we pursue an understanding in the word of God, we should also desire to BE understanding in all situations and with everyone. Being understanding means to be sympathetically aware of other people’s feelings; tolerant and forgiving. With the request from Psalm 119, “Let me understand…” we are asking the Holy Spirit to reveal what is happening that we can’t see. As leaders we should desire an understanding heart towards those we are leading and those that are in authority over us. Understanding prevents unnecessary conflict, diminishes gossip and reduces assumptions. Being an understanding leader comes with open, honest communication. It means not jumping to conclusions, not believing everything you hear and being committed to understanding a situation before you begin meditating on it. Meditating on something that is untrue or misconstrued is exhausting and quite honestly, a huge waste of time. We must be committed to seek wisdom and understanding before we act.

If we desire an understanding in all things, God will pour out his wisdom…if we seek Him we will find Him. He will reveal a supernatural sense of understanding in situations that seem chaotic and confusing. He’ll provide a peace that surpasses all understanding and He will build in you a compassion for those around you as you attempt to understand them.

As you go about your day today, take time to BE understanding. Guard your thoughts and words and seek wisdom and understanding in all things!

2 thoughts on “Let Me Understand…

  1. “If we are unclear about something and we meditate on it, then it will breed confusion” ….that’s so good Erin and I’ll be thinking about that all day! Thanks for sharing!!

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    1. Awesome blog today! This is exactly what I needed this morning. Thanks for being obedient to write this blog and keep encouraging us through His word.


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