Blinded by the Light…

In a random text with friends, I simply typed the statement, “It’s like walking with a blindfold on…” and I put my staple emoji to end the sentence and pressed send. But then I had a catch in my spirit and God began to unveil what it was He wanted to show me. As I watched my text be delivered, pictures kept flooding my mind and there was illustration after illustration, scripture after scripture that God kept placing in my heart.

Walking with a blindfold is essentially what faith is. The definition of faith according to Hebrews 11:1 is, “…confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hmmm…what we do NOT see. I’ve often heard that when one of our senses is damaged or taken away the others become stronger. Physically, when we lose our sight, our sense of smell, touch and hearing all become stronger. I believe the same is true spiritually.

I think God places a spiritual blindfold on us at times so that we can build our inner strength, preparing us for what He has planned for us. He knows what it’s going to take for what’s to come when we can only speculate. When we can’t see the outcome, that’s when we begin to see the Lord clearly. We see Him with our hearts, we touch Him with our worship and we hear Him through prayer and His word. Even though what’s in front of us looks blurry and our surroundings seem uncertain, we see, feel and hear our Lord gently encouraging us to keep going, keep pressing forward…one step of faith at a time. When we stumble or reach out to regain our balance, He is always there to steady our steps, helping us to stay sure-footed on this journey.

When God removes my spiritual sight and slides the blindfold on, I’m trying to remind myself not to fight, question, shrink back in fear or panic. I’m growing in my understanding that He’s simply wanting me to lean into Him more, because there is something He is doing in me or showing me. Then, before you know it, the blindfold starts to slip away and things become clear once again, your faith is stronger, your capacity enlarged and you’re ready for the next appointed assignment from the Lord.

I want to encourage you today not to let your circumstances or what you “see” right in front of you to determine your level of faith. Willingly allow the blindfold to be set securely so that your heart, mind and soul can be strengthened in the Lord. There you’ll gain the wisdom, strength and assurance you need to move boldly in the direction God has set before you!


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