A Whirlwind of Sorts…

Wow, it has been a crazy few weeks around the Jones home. After nearly 10 months on the market our house that we have lived in over 15 years has sold!! This marked an ending to one journey and a very exciting beginning of another. We are also thrilled to announce that our son proposed to his girlfriend, Anastasia, and we could not be happier!! Life is going 1000 miles an hour right now but my heart is full of so many good things.

We are packing up a house, planning a wedding, both working, Madison finishing 5th grade and oh, yeah I have to have a minor surgery today…that’s it 🙂 As the week crept by filling with home inspections, moving boxes, wedding plans and preparations for surgery I wondered why I wasn’t freaking out. The old me, the one who desired control of every aspect of my life, my surroundings and, often times, others would be an angry hot mess right about now. I realized something in a moment…I’ve grown!

I’ve grown in my dependency on the Lord, I’ve grown in my security, I’ve grown in my surrender, I’ve grown in my trust and it felt good. God has proven himself faithful in so many areas of our life in this season and I was honestly a little shocked that all that is swirling around us hadn’t settled within me as anger, anxiety or stress. For me, that is enormous growth but I have a long ways to go, even still. This journey of life is filled with joy, pain, highs and lows, unknowns and uncertainty but one thing stands firm through it all, God and his Word.

Friend, whatever is happening around you is small compared to what is happening within you. God’s work is done from the inside out and He uses situations and people around us as a resource to do His work within you. Once you gain that perspective, things do not seem to bother you as much. The things that you once thought were mountains are actually just small pebbles under your feet…they hold little to no significance. What matters is your relationship with Christ, your family and the friends that God has placed in your life…a common thread, RELATIONSHIPS. It’s the interweaving of God’s heart, that we love one another, care for one another and serve one another.

Be encouraged today that what you’re walking through and what God has allowed in your life is so by His divine design. He’s molding you, shaping you and refining you for what He has prepared for you. Walk slowly, don’t rush and breathe it all in. For when you are on the other side you’ll look back and realize that God’s hand was in it and on it all along.


1 thought on “A Whirlwind of Sorts…

  1. Sally schlindwein April 29, 2016 — 7:57 am

    Beautiful words Erin. Prayers for your surgery today 🙏🏼 where are you moving? God be with you today and always💋🙏🏼💋


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