Be Still…

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

I just wanna say right off the bat, I am NOT good at being still. I love seeing progress and forward movement. I love to get things done! Even when I’m sitting or lying, my mind is rolling…I’m usually checking email on my phone, researching something, reading or thinking about the solutions to all the world’s problems…lol.

If you read my last blog post, you know we’ve had just a little bit going on in our household right now…all good stuff, I might add, but just a lot. I had surgery on April 29th and when the surgeon said minor procedure, in my mind that meant I would be back to normal in two days, max! Well, I was wrong. I extremely underestimated the recovery of the procedure. I tried, the day after surgery to do a little walking and wedding dress shopping…BIG mistake. I was so sore I couldn’t move the next day and the day after that was even worse. I thought, “I’m not going to make it…this ‘minor procedure’ is going to be it for me!” But I surrendered to the doctor’s orders on the Monday following my surgery. I gave in to bed rest and did absolutely nothing. His words to me, “Erin, you have to be patient and let your body heal.”

So, I did just that, I didn’t worry about packing up the house, wedding plans or much of anything else. The organization for which I work, was encouraging of my rest and covered everything to allow me to heal. I had my days to just be still. I did read and journal and realized something…before God open doors for you that you’ve been praying for, you must have the health and energy to walk through them. If you’re so weak and tired from life, rather it be physical or emotional, you’ll never be strong enough to do all that it is God desires for you to do.

Healing takes time, it is a process that cannot be rushed or fast-tracked, it requires rest and reflection. For me, in this season, it is physical. But in other seasons, my healing has been emotional or relational. All healings take intentionality to rest, refocusing and soaking in the faithfulness, goodness and promises of God. God is the one who heals, it isn’t time or rest alone. It is God…resting IN Him is where you’ll find healing. There is no magic potion, no secret to-do list, no rituals or anything that can bring about the kind of healing that God alone can bring. His healing is life-changing, freeing, liberating and empowering. It is full of security, not in ourselves but in Him. His healing can’t be undone, it no longer considers the past and only looks forward to the future and a newness of who you are IN Him and what He wants to do through you. It’s amazing!

We all need healing in some area of our life, even if we don’t realize we do. I encourage you today to take some time and rest…be still before the Lord and let him mend the wounds like only He can. Happy Resting 🙂

1 thought on “Be Still…

  1. Just what the Great Physician ordered for me today!


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