Moving On…

Well, the first stage of our move is complete! We sold our home that we had lived in for 15 years and we’ve moved into a temporary location to allow our daughter to finish school and our son to get married. The move was way more emotional than I had anticipated.

As I looked around at the empty rooms, all I saw were memories. Memories of our daughter being born, our son growing up, birthday parties, Christmases and so much more. I looked around in every room and saw God’s faithfulness, His provision, His favor, His blessings, His protection and His mercy. At times the tears came with no warning and were continuous as we cleaned and emptied out each room.

Moving from our home to a space less than half the size, we were forced to pick apart every room, cleaning out and uncluttering our space. We not only uncluttered physically but what I realized is that the emotional uncluttering was way more taxing. Riding on one delivery trip to our new space, I was having a chat with God and cried out that I wanted to have a good attitude because I was SO excited about this next step. I asked God, “Why am I so emotional?” I felt like God whispered to my heart, “it’s ok to have mementos but in some areas you’ve built shrines and these can’t go with you where I’m taking you.” My interpretation of that was it’s ok to remember but carrying the physical items and emotional weight of the past, good or bad, wasn’t going to do us any good in the future. Yes, remembering God’s faithfulness is GREAT and necessary to build our faith. However, if we’re always having to look back to remember the goodness of God instead of setting ourselves up to currently experience the goodness of God…that is an issue. We can’t live in the past and dwell on the “good ole days,” we must believe and trust God for even better things to come.

This move was such a healing process, yet another cutting away of things that needed to be. We are headed in a new direction…God is leading us into a new season, our son is getting married and will soon be on his own and our daughter is growing up. It’s a transitional time in our life to say the very least 🙂 This move certainly reminded us of God’s faithfulness in the past but also, it made us very excited as we look forward to what He is going to do in the future. There are no limits, there is nothing our God cannot do…it’s exciting, it’s scary but it’s His plan, not ours. So…here we go, faith step by faith step, to God be the glory!


2 thoughts on “Moving On…

  1. With just a few changes happening in my world right now, I realize that the tears are not always sadness, but the strong emotion of love just seeping out. Watching Nathan perform his senior recital, the tears had to flow. I saw 18 years of practice, sacrifice, frustration and determination in a perfect performance. He battled his doubts and laid them to rest.

    As I hugged him after graduation, I saw the baby who was and the man who is. I never dreamed his life would be where it is right now, but oh. my. goodness. God has answered our prayers — and I am so incredible thankful. Only God could have led him to Samford — a school we never heard of. And to Erin — the life partner who makes him more him.

    And Ben — to graduate with high honors from high school after all he went through growing up? That’s God’s love for him and faithful answer to a lifetime of prayer!

    So excited for you! Love the memories. Cry the tears. And embrace the journey! See you soon!!! ❤

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  2. Absolutely love this post, Erin! What a beautiful heart you have. Excited to see where our good Father takes you next!


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