The Fruit is in the Dashes…

My daughter recently had an assignment that involved charting events on a timeline. She had done this before but this time it was different as the events happened within a few months and the “dashes” didn’t represent a year, rather weeks or months in time. She quickly grew frustrated when I told her that she was going to have to take some time to chart these. She wanted large events, easily identifiable to chart on the big dashes. She later accepted the fact it was going to take some focused time and she asked someone else for help who patiently walked with her through the exercise. Thank you Jesus for great friends who love history 🙂

This assignment got me thinking how very similar we are in our own lives. We hang on to the “big” life events, or dashes if you will…waiting to graduate…waiting to get married…waiting to have a baby…waiting for the perfect job…and on and on. However, I’ve learned that it’s the little dashes in our lives that produce the most growth and fruit. It’s the moments we are disappointed where we learn to trust God in His timing. It’s the moments of loneliness when we learn God is always with us. It’s the moments of inadequacy when we learn God’s grace is sufficient. It’s the moments of frustration where we learn to pray fervently. It’s the moments of sickness when we learn that God IS our healer. It’s the moments of loss when we realize that God can fill all of our empty spaces. It’s the little dashes that support the time and space between those big events. We can get caught up expecting the next huge gift from God while ignoring His small gifts all along the way in our journey.

Our lives are a map, already charted out by the Lord, but how we fill our little dashes in between is our choice. Some of our big events will be great and some will be filled with sadness but those moments in between…that’s where we meet Jesus, where we see and experience the fullness of His character and who He is in our lives. He is everything and everything He allows He uses for our good. His promises do not go unfulfilled and He knows best what we need.

Today, I encourage you to settle in to the season He has allowed in your life. Enjoy your little dashes in your relationship with Him, with your family, with your friends and in just a little while, you’ll look back to see how He wove it all together to lead you straight into your destiny.

Psalm 33:4, “For the word of the Lord is right and true; he is faithful in all he does.”

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  1. This is perfect…


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