What A Week!!

As I sit and think what to pen on paper, my thoughts are scrambled and I can’t seem to bring order and even process what I’m thinking. Last week, I traveled to central Mexico with Children’s Cup to visit our CarePoints and spend time with our teams there. My heart was wrecked with all that I saw and experienced. While it’s difficult to put into words all that God did on this trip, here are a few things I walked away with:

  • The teams that are on the mission field and front lines with Children’s Cup and other organizations carry a huge weight as they hear and process daily what these precious kids encounter. They are true heros!!
  • Local church IS the hope of the world. Without the support of the local church, we couldn’t do what we do at ‘Cup and people all over the world would never hear the good news of the gospel. I am grateful for my church, Soul Church!
  • These kids we serve are precious…important and valuable with a divine destiny on their life. They are learning about Jesus and beginning to understand that He is always with them and there IS hope!
  • I am so blessed to live the life I’ve been given. I don’t want to waste my life, rather do all that I can to help people know and understand that God is the source of everything we will ever need in this life.
  • Worship truly does change the atmosphere. We watched kids worship and reflect on the power of the Lord. They came up to ask for prayer and sat in worship with hands lifted and hearts surrendered. I know this practice is going to change them and the environments in which they live.
  • I am grateful for leaders in my life (both past and present) who have helped me to see and understand God’s plans, while not always my plans, are the BEST plans.
  • I am thankful for my parents, while not perfect, they loved me, protected and provided for me.
  • I am thankful for my job, that allows me to be constantly reminded that this is a large and broken world that needs the Hope that is in Jesus. I get to play a small part in bringing that hope and showing the love of Jesus to those around me…what an honor!
  • Success does not equal fame and notoriety, but is living a life that is a direct reflection of the God we serve. Those willing to step out in obedience, even when its hard and the outcome is uncertain, are the pacesetters. Success is giving it all for those who can give nothing in return.
  • There is a lot of work yet to be done in this world.
  • I want to live surrendered to His plans. I don’t want to be fearful to go and do what God says to do. This life…my life, it isn’t about me. Here am I….send me.
  • My husband and my children are just about the best gift God has ever given. They are my treasures and I am beyond blessed to get to share this journey with them.
  • The word of God is everything…it refines, reshapes, convicts, corrects, confirms and establishes a foundation on which we can grow and develop in Christ.

These thoughts are choppy and scattered but are a few of the things swirling around in my head as I try to process this last week and this season in my life. It’s new and unfamiliar territory in a lot of ways. But, I know that God is peace in chaos and security in my insecurities. He is the constant in an ever changing world and He is my refuge. He softened my heart and deposited things in my spirit I didn’t even know I needed last week. He is masterful at how He loves and grows us…lean in…don’t resist and seek to find Him in all things. He is always there and always growing, shaping and stretching us into who He created us to be 🙂

Have a great week,



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