Recently I’ve been on a bit of a social media break, which I have to say has been refreshing. But can I tell you, I have felt out of the loop…people were talking about events like they were there and had experienced them, but no…it was just a simple post or picture from another that gave way to the open window into their world. I started to think how others would discuss my posts or pictures, as if they were beside me when I was experiencing what I was posting about. It was kinda freaky…and not to mention, unrealistic because I’m not very adventurous nor does my family post a lot of what happens in our world, we’re pretty boring :). But it was still something I pondered. My daughter knew the whereabouts of friends and friends of friends and what they had done, eaten or experienced in a day. While she probably couldn’t remember what she had for lunch just a few hours earlier…lol.

What in the world did we do before social media? We had conversations, we interacted with people to hear about their experiences from their own mouths and we viewed pictures they had developed of their family vacations. Now, we experience it right along with them…the good, the bad and oftentimes, the ugly. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy social media and think it definitely has its place in our ever changing society, but I have to admit…this break has made me very aware that I have succumbed to the convenience of checking social media to get updates on those I know and enjoy rather than picking up a phone to talk to them or arranging a visit to spend time with them. It made me sad to think I was living in an age where a comment on a post with a cute emoji or two is the extent of some relationships. Maybe I’m the only one who has gotten this terribly wrong, I hope that is the case, but going forward I want to go backwards just a bit. Back to face to face interaction, back to laughing together without the use of emoji’s and hashtags and back to actual conversations.

I already know some are reading this and shaking their heads that the world is too busy for this type of relationship building anymore. But I would argue that our world is desperate for it. We need each other to reignite a spirit of compassion, unity and empathy. Every post has a person and story behind it and people are our mission. I know our world is fast paced as are the people in it and social media definitely has its place but it should never replace real relationship and interaction with others.

Today, as you go about your day and check your social media, as God lays someone on your heart, maybe give them a call, write them a note and mail it or just pray for them. Let’s use our social media to build on our relationships not allow it to define them. Have an awesome day!!

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