Not I, But Christ in Me…Well Maybe I…

I was visiting with a friend recently and we were chatting about life in general and things coming up for each of us, you know just normal chit chat. We began talking through our different seasons of where we were in life and dreaming of future things we’d love to do when she made a statement regarding something she had noticed in herself. She said she had times where she was prideful about a given situation. She’s a great friend and an amazing follower of Christ and she just said openly that she oftentimes struggles with pride. It stunned me, only because just in days prior, I felt very convicted about feeling the EXACT same way!

I hated seeing it in myself and was grossly disappointed that I had allowed myself to think in that way. I’m a follower of Christ, a lover of Jesus and desire with everything in me to be more like Him. But, I was in fact being prideful…which had led to me having a critical spirit, even about myself. I was so burdened by it but as soon as she said those words….I exclaimed, “Oh my goodness….ME TOO!” We both laughed and shared our stories and on the drive home I was reminded of the humility of Christ in every aspect of his character. I was convicted and I repented.

See, no matter our age, our position or our level of influence, pride can sneak in and derail our thoughts, actions and even our destiny. Pride isolates us and pulls us away from the plans of the Lord. Pride is destructive, causing a critical spirit within us and oftentimes that spirit is projected to those around us. Pride is a false sense of security in our own ability and giftings. It seemingly elevates us in our own mind but only while pushing others down. Pride can stem from hurt or insecurities or lies that we have received as truth spit straight from the enemy to the deepest parts of our heart. Pride…we all struggle with some level of it, but when left unchecked and untreated, it destroys.

Seriously, minutes after my visit with my friend I opened my Bible to read and study and was reading in Jeremiah 49 about the destruction of Edom. In the commentary of my Life Application Study Bible were these words: “Edom was destroyed because of her pride. Pride destroys individuals as well as nations. It makes us think we can take care of ourselves without God’s help. Even serving God and others can lead us into pride. Take inventory of your life and service for God; ask God to point out and remove any pride you may be harboring.” Really?!?!? Whoever says they do not receive anything when they read the word of God, must not be reading the same Bible I am. I just confessed to a friend that I had these feelings and felt horrible for it, drive home repenting and read this! God is so gracious and I am thankful for his gentle way of convicting, disciplining and redirecting us through His word!

Friends, pride is paralyzing. It will drive us to a place of no return if we do not deal with it. We must be willing to humble ourselves in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in. Rather it’s dealing with difficult people, difficult situations or raging insecurities…we must be humble…not self-seeking and SERVE! It’s very hard to be prideful when we’re serving someone else 🙂 I am thankful for friends who aren’t afraid to be honest and vulnerable and who allow and encourage me to be the same. I am thankful for the forgiveness that God extends and the limitless amounts of grace He give us.

Lord, I pray for anyone reading this, who has had elevated thoughts of themselves at the expense of others or who has pride, in any form, tucked in their hearts. I pray that your Holy Spirit would pierce through the hardened walls of hearts to reveal your true purpose, their value and your destiny for them. Remind them that their destiny is not contingent on someone else’s success or failure and help us all to live in unity, as one body, encouraging and serving one another. Remove seeds of untruth from the enemy and replace it with the truth of your word. Destroy any remnant of pride in your people and allow humility to fill our hearts…in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Have a great week! XOXO

1 thought on “Not I, But Christ in Me…Well Maybe I…

  1. Good stuff Mrs Jones ❤️


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